Full Moon Guidance

Makayla Davis
8 min readApr 26, 2021

How to use the Full Moons energy in co-creation with life

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Every month the cosmic order gives us moments of energy peaks followed by release. I like to think of the Full Moon period as the proper time for tapping into your full power, while releasing and banishing anything that no longer serves you. The Moon is at its brightest and full potential during this time, and this light is reflecting and illuminating current energies in our lives that are active. This helps us to be better able to strongly manifest, or gain wisdom and insight into current energies playing out their roles.


Perhaps the first step before you begin a full moon ritual is to recognize. Recognize all that is going on for you during the current months transits and archetypal patterning. Grasping the full sense of where you are currently on the scenic route of life will bring awareness and attention to the present moment. This is an important time for reflection, because where you are expending focus now, holds the strength and direction for the future.

Reflect on the processes of evolving, expanding, striving forwards, forgiving and letting go. Take some time to bring awareness to the specifics of these moments in time.

During the full moon illumination, assuming that there are no clouds, this is where you can see Luna shine its fullest. There is something magical, deep and intriguing that seems to flow with this energy. Oftentimes, it can feel as if a wave of emotions are rushing over you. With these types of energies, and depending on what sign the Moon is shifting through, you can connect and recognize what type of energies are amplified. Tap in and tune into your feelings.

Each phase of the moon has its gift in a cycle of planting, nurturing, growing, fulfilling and disseminating. Each part of the cycle is experienced as a guide towards evolution in life.

There is great importance and emphasis that should be placed on the Moon. Luna’s powerful force plays a vital role in our psyche, helping to nurture both the subconscious and conscious realms. Thus, Luna also has an affinity to the emotions and needs in life, where we find comforts, security as well as our emotional responses. The Moon can show you how one might express love, and need love in return. As…



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