Mars in Cancer

Makayla Davis
6 min readApr 30, 2021

A guide to the transit from April 23, 2021 — June 10, 2021

A crab walks into its shell, and see’s another crab has occupied its location. How does it react?

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The martian energy inside the shell owner wants to defend its territory, but while in the sign of Cancer where vulnerability is largely at stake, the feeling of confrontation will make the crab hesitant to assert. The crab might shift side to side, claws up and feel out its opponents first, and perhaps try a passive aggressive approach. The Mars in Cancer archetype can come off as timid and sensitive to its environment, but push its limits inside the home and you’ll find out its a boundary you didn’t want to test!

Physical Assertion

So, as Mars transits Cancer until June 10th 2021, themes we possibly could see manifest might be a drive to defend your territory or tribe, two very important areas of life that offer you safety and security. Cancer takes pride and comfort in the home, so don’t be surprised over the next few weeks if when your temper is tested, you feel compelled to retreat back into your shell. Cancer doesn’t love confrontation, and would rather back down, picking and choosing its battles to fight. This energy could be best utilized for tackling tasks around the house, cleaning up the yard or prepping the garden for the Summer season ahead (at least for the Northern Hemisphere folk). Other healthy assertions for this martian energy could be turning those ripe bananas on the counter into banana bread, or finding a good sap movie to release all those tears pent up inside.

Emotions & Communication

This archetype is not the typical warrior archetype. It is sensitive to its environment and those around them, while emotional and moody compared to fire and rage. You could perhaps see your little kiddos (and sometimes adults) throw tantrums when frustration arises, since this placement finds it hard to express their emotions freely. (This can apply for Natal placements, too). It’s an emotional battle when Mars is in Cancer, doing whatever it can to remain comfortable in its existence, without stirring the waters too much. The tenacity of Cancer claws to hold onto emotions is very strong, and learning to vent in a healthy manner would be helpful for this archetype.

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