Peacefully Challenge Asian American Discrimination & Educate Yourself

Makayla Davis
8 min readFeb 13, 2021

People have a way of being predictable, and I mention this because it is something I unfortunately saw coming, before it even began. When Covid-19 first broke out and our former President distastefully dubbed it the “China Virus”, those words started crossing all media outlets. I then knew that the Asian community in the United States would sadly, be in harm.

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This careless way of throwing around words to massive audiences would of course have its consequences. Most people in modern day are highly influenced by the media that they are exposed to, creating a narrow vision of the reality of the world. If you then take these narrow minds and put them in positions where they feel threatened or fearful (like Covid-19 did), these views then become more myopic.

Covid-19 made many people fearful and uncomfortable in the environments they live in, which then resulted in anger towards all the change. We sadly witnessed many examples of this anger projected on somebody to blame, in various forms of violence. Our former President was a champion of this behavior, who tried turning the entire nation’s eyes towards the Asian community blaming them for being the origin point of the threat that spread the pandemic as opposed to addressing the everyday problem of how to solve the crisis.

Regardless of origination, this did not mean we were now entitled to act so ignorantly racist and xenophobic crazed. I not only see anger displacement as a part of the issue here, but also a socially inherited instinct to assume, or make assumptions for the masses. For the narrow minded folk had begun to associate any and all Asian populations with the “China-Virus” and lash out.

Or look at it like this…. You had a box of assorted chocolates, and you didn’t like the first, but because they all look similar outwardly would you throw the whole box away?

The Asian American community has been subjected to racial discrimination for a long time now. Most young Asian American adults have been wrestling with the Model Minority Stereotype alone. Imagine coming into your community already being deemed for having immense skills in math and science, but in reality you’re an artistic soul? The amount of social pressure and disappointment when one can’t…

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